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Proper dentures are key to enjoying a better quality of life. In addition to their cosmetic and phonetic purpose, dentures are vital to gum and oral health, enable smooth digestive function, and protect remaining teeth. Your dentures provide everyday comfort in addition to enhancing your smile.

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Up-and-comers in Richmond

Guillaume Madore takes on the clients of Richard Arsenault

The Clinique de denturologie Guillaume Madore d.d has been pleased to welcome Arsenault’s clients since 2016. Rest assured that professional service, quality products and customer satisfaction remain our top priorities. We will be pleased to welcome you to our office and to provide you with the outstanding service you have come to expect.

We are grateful to Richard Arsenault and his wife Josée, and proud of the trust he has put in the clinic and in our work. We wish him a wonderful retirement. To contact us or for additional information, feel free to call or write.

 Guillaume Madore denturologiste  I  Clinique de denturologie Richmond  I  819 826.2451  I  109 Coiteux St., Richmond, QC  J0B 2H0  I  152, rue Ambroise-Daerden, Winsor, Qc  J1S 1H1I