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We offer a free consultation to help establish your needs with a view to choosing the right dentures for you. Our dental prosthesis experts will draw up a treatment and design plan that goes all the way up to insertion. Throughout the process, you can count on professionalism and respect for your unique characteristics. Our products are sure to meet your every expectation.


Complete denture

Implant-supported denture

Soft liner


Complete/partial dentures

In the event of losing one or more teeth, removable dentures are an excellent choice for preventing further tooth loss. 

These prostheses are less costly than fixed-bridge treatments and allow you to eat better, in addition to improving your facial appearance.


Implant-supported dentures

Implant-retained or implant-borne dentures are an ideal solution when it comes to resolving the instability and discomfort issues sometimes caused by traditional dentures. 

What’s more, dental implants help preserve your jaw bone.



Nylon dentures

Partial dentures

Dental implants


Nylon dentures

Nylon dentures offer greater comfort than partial plastic dentures. They are also antiallergenic and 100% metal-free. 

Finally, their flexible material makes the dentures highly break-resistant.

Soft liner

Soft liner is a layer of pliable material that stretches over the inside of a lower denture.

It is an excellent solution in the event of sensitive or constantly irritated gums, given that it puts less pressure on them.


Partial dentures

Composite teeth


Immediate dentures

If you’re planning to get dentures after having one or more teeth extracted, it is preferable to consult us before the procedure. 

We can make dentures before your teeth are extracted, thus avoiding any interval of time without teeth.

Gum shields

A gum shield is a device used to prevent mouth and jaw injuries during high-risk sports (hockey, soccer, etc.). 

Made on-site at our clinic, our gum shields come in an array of colours and are more comfortable and offer greater protection than the store-bought variety.


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