Our denturist services

Dentures must be designed taking into account your facial physiognomy, dental occlusion and tooth colour and shape. Thanks to our cutting-edge techniques and professional development, you can count on first-rate service. We are dedicated to providing you with what’s right for you.



Free consultation

At our clinic, we believe that everyone suffering from tooth loss is entitled to information— which is why we offer a free consultation at your first appointment.

We will be pleased to answer any questions about your existing or future dentures, and to perform an examination of your dental condition. 

As a result, you will be able to make informed decisions following your appointment.


Annual checkup 

When you have your prostheses made at our clinic, we offer you free annual checkups to make sure that your dentures are in good condition and you are fully satisfied with them.


Denture repairs and adjustments

If your dentures are damaged, causing injury or simply need some adjustment, we can help. 

We offer fast repairs, adjustments and relining for your dentures.


Denture cleaning/polishing

Over time, your dentures may lose their lustre or become stained. 

When soaking is not enough, we offer cleaning and polishing services to remove surface stains and restore your dentures’ original shine.

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